Individual, Marriage and Couples Counseling Costs in Austin

Fees for initial session with David, Carrie, Janai, or Gerry

The initial session for individuals is $60 for 50 minutes. For couples the first visit is $95 for 80 minutes. Our goal with Marriage counseling in Austin Texas is to be affordable to everyone. Ongoing fees are based on the particular coach, household income, your financial status, and your ability to pay. After the initial visit I encourage you to work with me me at least four sessions (you will get a discounted rate). We accept checks, cash, M.C., Visa, and Discover.

Ongoing Sessions with David, Carrie, or Janai

Household Income* Four Sessions
Total Cost**
Single Sessions
Under $30,000 $200 $70
$30,000-$70,000 $280 $90
$70,000-$100,000 $360 $110
$100,000-$150,000 $440 $130
Over $150,000 $600 $175


Ongoing Sessions with Gerry

The fee for continuing coaching or counseling with Gerry King PhD. is $150.00 per session.

Ongoing Sessions with David and Carrie Together

To schedule an initial coaching session with both David and Carrie please give us a call at 512-653-4316. The benefit to your relationship is that you get information from two perspectives. Both David and Carrie have been married, have had children, and bring their own unique life experience to each coaching session. An initial session is an hour and twenty minutes and cost is $200.00. Ongoing single sessions are fifty minutes and cost is $300.00 per session. A package of four sessions is $1000.00.

Workshops are on a “Pay as You Choose” basis plus $20 registration fee. See information on relationship workshops & couples counseling classes here.

*If the rate listed for your income level posses financial hardship please contact me to discuss an alternative rate, my goal is to make affordable couples counseling services available to all. If your income is relatively low but you have significant assets select a rate appropriate for your financial status.

**Four Session packages are payable in advance.

My Promise to You

My intent is to make every marriage counseling session valuable and helpful to you. Because of the effectiveness of my work, many clients are referred to me by other clients. However, you may feel uncertain about selecting from many marriage counselors in Austin and that’s understandable. To help you further, whether you want marriage counseling or personal counseling, I offer you a guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your initial session, let me know and I won’t charge you.