Marriage Counselor Austin Tx – David Cantu

Longtime Counselor and Coach

David began his study of relationships and life coaching in 1995 with Global Relationship Centers (GRC). Bill Reidler was his teacher and the founder of GRC. In 1998 David received a teaching certificate from GRC after having completed more than 2000 hours of instruction and practice designed to establish expertise in a variety of areas related to coaching. These areas included such diverse topics as self acceptance; living a passionate, fulfilled life; creating inner peace; the ability to influence others; assertiveness training; conflict resolution; marriage dynamics; the power of forgiveness; and skills to build intimate, loving relationships.

Marriage Counselor Austin Tx – David has been a full-time Counselor and Coach since 2000. Most of his clients have come for help with relationships. He also helps people with career and personal hurdles. He’s a member in good standing of the International Coach Federation. David is not a marriage therapist, nor is he a psychologist, rather he is a relationship and life coach with very different training than those professions. His focus is the achievement of goals for individuals and couples.

David’s focus in relationship and marriage counseling is to help individuals build meaningful and fulfilling relationships in families, marriages and careers. Society offers much encouragement to find a “soul mate,” to make money and to achieve our goals. A wealth of confusing, and sometimes inaccurate, information is available about how to do that. One of his objectives is to help others find “the truth within,” which will enable them to live the fulfilled lives they seek.

David became a minister in December 2001. He was ordained in the Universal Life Church. His intent in marriage counseling is not to endorse any particular faith, but to encourage couples to create loving and harmonious relationships. To further his spiritual practice in ministry, he has taken over 700 hours of Vipassana meditation training since 2005. The essence of David’s work with individuals and couples is spiritual in nature, based on an intent to help coach people to evolve in marriage, career, and life.

In the past century we’ve begun a movement in the world to correct the political, educational and economic imbalance between men and women. We’re in the midst of a difficult process of redefining the roles of men and women, not only in the world but also in the family. This shift has led to uncertainty in relationships and has caused great upheaval in the family and in society. The rules of life we used for centuries are being questioned. What works? This is the question we help people answer for themselves. Meaningful and effective solutions are possible, and that is what David offers as a marriage counselor and couples coach.