Couples Relationship Retreat Austin

Jump-Start Relationship Workshop for Couples

  • Does your relationship feel like it’s going from bad to worse?
  • Do you love your each other, but feel other things get in the way?
  • Do you want your marriage to be “the way it used to be?”

Our couples weekend retreat may be the answer. Couple’s Jump-Start is an intensive relationship workshop that helps you get to the root of your problems and on a path to a connected, fulfilling relationship.  Every marriage is unique and requires unique approaches for your particular difficulties.  Whether you’re dealing with infidelity, a controlling jealous partner, poor communication, or feelings of abuse, we can help you find the root cause and implement solutions that are effective and practical.

What happens in the Relationship Workshop?

The class typically starts on a Friday from 6:30 to 11:30pm. During the first part of the workshop we assess the relationship and review events that brought you to this point in your relationship. You will be with a small group of people also working on their relationships. The goal is simple: to help you both gain a strong sense of hope and insight. You learn not only from your own experience but also from observing how others deal with hardship and communication challenges.

The second day is two parts. First, we review what you learned the day before. This is a two hour morning session before noon. We begin to address effective communication, “curiously interested listening” and how we can proactively forgive one another. After a lunch break you return for a two hour afternoon session we begin the process of creating an emotional foundation for a fulfilled relationship: how to set and achieve goals, how to bring our unconscious behaviors to light, and how the couple can be self fulfilled, rather than leaning on the other for one’s happiness.

David Cantu and Carrie Manongdo are the coaches for the workshop. We do this to give each of you a female point of view and a male perspective. We generally talk with the couple together, but at times we may focus on you individually to help you gain greater self-understanding.

What’s the Location and Time Frame?

The class is in our home office in Austin, TX. We strongly encourage that you stay at a local bed and breakfast, or a nearby hotel. The Marriage Couples Retreat is $600.00. We schedule two Couples’ Retreats annually, contact us to enroll!

For More Information call or email David Cantu.
[email protected]