4 Signs you Need Marriage Counseling

couples-fightingWhen we hear the term “marriage counseling,” many automatically think of something negative. Whether the couple has been fighting or essentially needs a fresh start, it’s something that fixes what’s broken. Yet despite its positive outcome it’s something that comes with a heavy stigma. However, just because it’s frowned upon doesn’t mean it’s something that shouldn’t be considered. In fact, counseling is a great way to improve communication, stop rising issues preemptively, and create a better marriage for even the happiest of couples.

If your marriage suffers from any of the following – to any degree – you may be in need of some ongoing upkeep.

4. Poor Communication

Do you and your spouse regularly have misunderstandings? Every now and then can be an oversight, but if it’s a normal occurrence, talking with a counselor might be a positive way to open up the communication channels and talk on a level that both of you have a better time understanding.

3. Change in Intimacy Levels

Your sex life can have a tremendous affect on everyday life, and going through sudden changes can often mean a sign of something more severe. Talk to a counselor if your intimacy has trailed or you and your partner are on different bedroom wavelengths.

2. Not Letting Go of the Past

When something significant takes place, couples are forced to deal with the event both separately and together. From the loss of a loved one, to an affair, each person goes through grief differently. But when one is moving on much quicker than the other, it’s time to talk out the logistics with an outside source.

1. The Same Fight Over and Over

Still arguing over that same event – no matter what it is? After countless talks with no real progress being made, both parties need to realize an outside perspective is needed. With the help of a professional, hopefully both parties can move forward and onto better aspects of the relationship.

From miscommunication to looking for some outside opinion(s), counseling is a great way to work on a number of marriage issues. Consider scheduling your session today for a fresh and positive way to work on all your relationship issues.

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