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Our workshops are a complement to one-on-one counseling sessions.Helping Hands of a Team One of the biggest benefits of marriage counseling classes is the learning you experience from interacting with others. Life is an interaction with people in both individual and group settings. My approach is to provide you with opportunities that will enhance your life and make it easier for you to interact effectively in your community environments. Our group relationship classes are supportive, encouraging, and safe!

Whether you want to improve communication,
resolve anger issues, or deal with the pain of a break-up, our couples workshops will give you the support and motivation to move forward and create a happy, healthy life.

All classes are offered on a donation basis.

Workshops – Relationship and Premarital Counseling Austin

Authentic Presence (AP) is an intense and insightful weekend workshop in a safe and private setting. Whether you’re looking to make changes in your family, intimate relationships, career or spiritual aspects of your life, this relationship class offers tremendous value for you. One recent participant said: “For the first time I see my life clearly and with deep understanding. I now realize that I’m truly responsible for my life, and best of all, I have the tools to create what I most desire.”

We have five goals in the workshop. 1 Self-Insight – better understand yourself and get practical tools to create the life you most want. 2 Improved Relationships and Communication – experience meaningful interaction to help you understand how to speak so people will listen and listen to create better connections with others. 3 Creating Conscious Community – we all have our own “personal community,” in the class you will have an experience of the value of creating a mutually supportive community. 4 The Power of Meditation – learn a simple meditation technique to help focus and quiet your mind. 5 Be Happy – create and implement a vision of yourself as happy, abundant, loving, loved, and peaceful.

What is the Class Like? More than anything, it’s an experience. No one will be lecturing you about life. AP is highly interactive and it encourages and challenges you to seek the truth of your life. You will find answers to questions such as: What is it that keeps me from having exactly what I want? What must I do to create a close and loving relationship? What am I here for; is this all there is to life? How can I create mutually respectful and supportive friendships? The truth about our society is that we have many classes for thousands of interesting hobbies and careers but relatively few in which we learn about ourselves and what makes our lives be what they are. AP is an opportunity to learn how to make real, and live daily, some of the most basic concepts in life: love, joy and peace. We encourage you to join us on this great adventure.

Go to our Home Page for upcoming class dates. Fridays the class begins at 6:30 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m. The class is led by David Cantu, and in addition to the participants, several assistants who have previously taken the course also attend. A typical class includes twelve people. Participants should be at least 16 years old; singles, couples and families are welcome. Couples and Relationship Classes are offered on a “pay as you choose” basis, but we request a $20.00 registration fee. Please call (512) 653-4316 to register.

Understanding Life – Classes

We offer a variety of workshops ranging from emotional intelligence to communication to debt elimination to couples classes. The workshops are highly interactive and generally held on Friday evenings. For upcoming Understanding Life workshops click here.

The Transformation Game

The Transformation Game is sometimes referred to as the game that can change your life.

Originated by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler while living at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, the Transformation Game is a joyful way to discover more about yourself and others. Since the first Game workshop was offered there in 1978, thousands of people have played the Game in its various forms.

Just as life is filled with insights, setbacks, pain, and blessings, so is The Transformation Game. Sometimes someone unexpectedly appreciates us, or offers to serve us, or we reach out to help another. Sometimes miracles happen, pain is lifted, new directions open up, and the seemingly impossible occurs.

Life is filled with this rich variety of experience and so is the Transformation Game, a fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life. It captures the essence of the change process and puts it into the delightful form of a board game. Mirroring life with accuracy, the game moves gracefully to the heart of any issue, bringing insight, clarity and resolution.

Playing the Transformation Game enables you to interact with others in stimulating, supportive and caring ways. Play it for fun and gain new perspectives on your life path, or use the game as an effective tool for group sharing and achieving desired goals.

You will find new ways to enhance your relationships and recognize your personal contributions and abilities. Discover a stress-free balance of work and play, deepen your understanding of yourself and others and receive inspiration and practical support. Whether you want to solve a problem, look at a relationship, or change some unproductive behavior, this is the game for you.

Players begin by choosing a question or issue which becomes their Personal Playing Focus. Each player moves a personality marker along a Life Path on the game board, entering at the Physical Level and eventually progressing through the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Levels.

I generally have 4 players in a game. I serve as the leader or facilitator in the game. You can play with your own friends or make new friends with people you haven’t met. This is truly a painless and fun way to learn more about yourself. For class dates go to – Workshops. on our Home Page.