Emotional Affair Recovery, Steps to Healing With Counseling

Marriage Counseling Steps to Heal an Emotional Affair

An emotional affair is often no different than an actual affair. Many times a partner doesn’t really know whether or not physical intimacy actually occurred because the offending partner insists “nothing happened.” The offending partner likely lied and withheld information until now and frequently is telling the truth only because of evidence that can’t be denied like texts, pictures, or emails. The innocent partner has suspected that something was going on for many months and now feels “stupid” for having believed the lies instead of the gut feeling or suspicion. In addition there’s the feeling that if it happened before there’s nothing to prevent it from happening again.

If this has happened to you marriage counseling emotional affair recovery can help. You may be constantly checking your partners phone calls, asking what he’s(or she) doing, where he’s going, why he’s late, who a text is from. You may be asking for guarantees that it never happen again, you may be thinking of ending the relationship or marriage. If you have children, you’re likely concerned about the effect on them. You may think that if it weren’t for the children you would already have left. You probably don’t trust your partner. All of these feelings are understandable. The one thing I suggest is that there is hope. There’s a very high likelihood that your relationship can recover from an emotional affair. We have had success with many hundreds of couples facing these and other challenges, marriage counseling for an emotional affair begins with hope.

The offending partner must be sincere in her (or his) determination not to repeat the behavior. You must have a means of addressing all of your emotional concerns, the sadness, anger, depression, and feelings of abandonment. Forgiveness is also crucial.

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